Economic Plan

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New Zealanders value a strong economy that provides decent jobs, higher incomes and opportunities for current and future generations. Equally, we understand that the health and wellbeing of our people, the protection and enhancement of our environment, and the strength of our communities allow us to achieve our potential.

To deliver on these values, our economy must be productive, sustainable and inclusive. It requires us to tackle the long-term challenges the New Zealand economy is facing. It means looking ahead over 30 years, and not just three.

The Government’s Economic Plan identifies eight key shifts and policy action the economy needs to transition to more productive, sustainable and inclusive growth. It is an integral part of delivering wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

The shifts we are tackling will not take place overnight, and the Government cannot do this on its own. It is essential the Government partner with business, workers, communities and iwi to ensure people and businesses can adapt to new working environments and respond confidently.

New Zealand has a unique opportunity to build on our strengths, and use these to lead the world on standing up to the economic challenges of the next 30 years, turning issues like climate change and the technological revolution into economic opportunities.

Eight key economic shifts