Labour market reports, data and analysis

This section provides labour market analysis and forecasting, data on jobs and skills, and reports on Māori and Pacific Peoples labour market participation and other research.

In this section

Jobs Online

Jobs Online is a regular data series that measures changes in online job advertisements from four internet job boards — Seek, Trade Me Jobs, Education Gazette and Kiwi Health Jobs.

National Survey of Employment Intentions

The National Survey of Employment Intentions is a new survey which measures changes in workforce size and composition, and workforce arrangements since 22 March 2020. It also measures employers’ intentions for 6 and 12 months in the future.

Labour Market Dashboard

The New Zealand Labour Market Dashboard displays labour market information from many different sources in one place.

Occupation Outlook

Use this mobile app to explore study and career options for over 100 occupations in New Zealand.

Quarterly labour market report

This report combines our labour market monitoring programme with the latest developments in the labour market to paint a summary of labour market trends up to the latest quarter.

Labour Market Statistics Snapshot

The Labour Market Statistics Snapshots are a quarterly update of labour market statistics, and provide an overview of the current state of the labour market.

Monthly labour market fact sheet

The monthly labour market fact sheet summarises high-frequency and timely data and surveys with a focus around the impact of COVID-19 on the labour market. It is designed to supplement the quarterly labour market snapshot.

National Survey of Employers

Our annual National Survey of Employers (NSE) collects data on workplace practices in New Zealand businesses within the context of current employment-focused legislation.

Other labour market reports

This section has older reports that we are no longer updating or producing regularly including reports on the Canterbury labour market, low pay and labour market trends for Māori and Pacific peoples.

Labour market glossary

This glossary contains some definitions for terms and ideas found in labour market reports.

Quarterly Labour Market Scorecard

The Labour Market Scorecard was a quarterly update of labour market statistics and indicators. It provided an overview of the state of the labour market.