New Zealand is the ideal location for New Space

New Zealand offers many advantages to industry leaders, research institutions and innovative start-ups.

Person looks upwards to a starry night sky. The person is sitting on some sort of platform from which blue and green light is beaming.

Dave Allen - NIWA

Access to space

The world’s first fully private orbital launch range with plans for the highest launch cadence in the world.

Unique geography

Uncluttered launch windows, great location for ground infrastructure and ideal environment for earth observation data calibration and validation.

Enabling space business environment

A modern regulatory regime for a safe, sustainable and thriving space industry.

Nimble, stable, and reputable government

Combining a proven reputation as a trusted and responsible global citizen with a nimble and responsive government system that gets things done.

Ingenuity and effective science infrastructure

A culture of thinking outside the box, and a science system that supports knowledge intensive firms.

Connections for success

A globally-connected economy, with agreements in place for technology transfer and research collaboration.

Why New Zealand?

We are an attractive location for space activities.

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Last updated: 04 August 2020