Competition regulation and policy

We provide advice on the Commerce Act and the application of competition policy to specific sectors. We’re also the monitoring agency for the Commerce Commission.

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Market studies

The Commerce Amendment Act 2018 amended the Commerce Act 1986 (the Commerce Act) to give the Commerce Commission the ability to undertake market studies to determine whether there are any factors that may be impeding competition in a market.

Retail payment system

We are working to ensure that the retail payment system operates in the interests of New Zealand consumers and businesses.

Consumer data right

The Government will establish a consumer data right in New Zealand to give individuals and businesses greater choice and control over their data. This is done through the Customer and Product Data Bill, which is now before Parliament.

The Bill will be rolled out to the banking and electricity sectors first. Consultation on how the Bill can apply to these sectors will follow later this year.

Economic regulation of goods or services

The regulation of the price and quality of goods or services in markets with monopoly characteristics is covered by Part 4 of the Commerce Act, and is implemented by the Commerce Commission.

Assessing competition impacts

We provide advice on the impacts of government policies and proposed regulation — including occupational regulation — on competition and consumers.

Monitoring the Commerce Commission

The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is the minister responsible for the Commerce Commission, and appointed us as its monitoring agent.

Lay members

This page lists current lay members appointed to the High Court for Commerce Act matters.

Economic regulation policy for water services

We are working with the Department of Internal Affairs to advance the new direction for water services and policy based on Local Water Done Well.

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