Economic regulation policy for water services

We are working with the Department of Internal Affairs to advance the new direction for water services and policy based on Local Water Done Well.

About Local Water Done Well

On 14 December 2023, the Government announced Local Water Done Well, a new direction for water services and policy. Local Water Done Well aims to restore council ownership and control of water services, with strict requirements for water quality and ongoing investment.

Government to repeal Three Waters legislation(external link) — Beehive website

On 12 February 2024, the Government made further announcements about its plans to advance Local Water Done Well, including the establishment of transitional economic regulation by mid-2024, and a complete economic regulation regime by mid-2025.

Government advances Local Water Done Well(external link)  — Beehive website

On 14 February 2024, the Government announced the repeal of Labour’s Three Waters reforms.

Labour’s Three Waters legislation repealed(external link)  — Beehive website

MBIE is developing the replacement regime for economic regulation to promote efficient expenditure/pricing practices and quality of locally retained water services. The Department of Internal Affairs is leading broader policy development on Local Water Done Well.

Water Services Policy and Legislation(external link)  — Department of Internal Affairs

Previous water services policy and content

Information about the previous Government’s water services policy and legislation is accessible here:

Archived Water Services Reform Programme information(external link)  — Department of Internal Affairs

Archived Water Services Economic Efficiency and Consumer Protection Act 2023