Consumer research and reports

This section provides information about consumer research and reports commissioned or undertaken in recent years.

In this section

New Zealand consumer surveys

The Consumer Protection team conducts biennial New Zealand Consumer Surveys (NZCS) to find out what adult New Zealanders know about consumer laws and it explores how they behave when they experience problems with products and services. The surveys provide national level insights on the health of the Consumer & Commercial regulatory system, and enable changes to be monitored.

Consumer Protection quarterly reports

Our Consumer Protection team report quarterly on New Zealand's consumer issues landscape.

COVID-19 consumer impacts study reports

This study followed a group of over 1,000 adult New Zealanders from March 2021 to March 2022 to track changes in consumer concerns, attitudes and experiences.

Business and consumer research

Business and consumer research into awareness, attitudes, and understanding of their rights, obligations and responsibilities.

Consumer credit research

Research, evaluation and monitoring in relation to consumer credit including evaluation of the Credit Contract and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA).