Our structure

We help to Grow Aotearoa New Zealand for All to improve the well-being of New Zealanders. This page provides information about our business groups.

Building, Resources and Markets

The Building, Resources and Markets group is headed by Paul Stocks.

We are responsible for many of the regulatory systems that New Zealand’s markets: building, communications, competition, consumer and commercial, energy markets, financial markets, intellectual property, and petroleum and minerals. In addition, we are responsible for the functions that support the external facing New Zealand Government Procurement and Government Property Group brands.

We contribute to:

  • ensuring housing and construction markets deliver safe and affordable homes and buildings
  • ensuring New Zealanders are connected and have access to resilient, inclusive and competitive communications services and infrastructure
  • supporting New Zealand to become a prosperous and leading digital nation
  • increasing value from lower carbon energy that is secure and affordable
  • delivering a step-change in the value we get from New Zealand’s energy and mineral resources
  • building a business environment where consumers are supported and businesses are empowered.

The group has 7 branches:

  • Government Property
  • NZ Government Procurement
  • Small Business, Commerce & Consumer
  • Digital Economy & Communications
  • Energy Markets
  • Resource Markets
  • Building System Performance

Paul Stocks, Deputy Secretary, Building, Resources and Markets

Corporate Services, Finance and Enablement

Corporate Services, Finance and Enablement is headed by Deputy Secretary Richard Griffiths.

We work in partnership with business groups to enable them to deliver their objectives and portfolio obligations. We support the stewardship obligations of the organisation including its medium and long-term sustainability, finance, health, capability and capacity.

The group has 9 branches:

  • Communications, Design and Ministerial Services
  • Corporate Services
  • Enterprise Risk, Strategy and Transformation
  • Finance, Performance and Assurance
  • Legal, Ethics and Privacy
  • Mātauranga Māori
  • Office of the Deputy Secretaries
  • People and Culture
  • Workplace, Safety and Security 

Richard Griffiths, Deputy Secretary, Corporate Services, Finance and Enablement

Digital, Data and Insights

The Digital, Data and Insights Group is led by Deputy Secretary Greg Patchell.

We are responsible for strengthening MBIE's core data and insights, digital and technology functions within MBIE.

The group’s key objectives work to ensure MBIE is:

  • Digitally enabled – we make it easy for people to work with us and for us.
  • Empowered by data – we are a data and evidence-led organisation.

The Group has the following branches:

  • Cyber Security
  • Data Strategy & Knowledge
  • Data Insights & Intelligence
  • Digital Operations
  • Digital Solutions Delivery
  • Partnerships & Programmes
  • Planning, Risk & Assurance
  • Technology & Architecture

Greg Patchell, Deputy Secretary, Digital, Data and Insights

Finance and Performance

MBIE's Finance and Performance Group supports the effective management of the Ministry's rescources including finance, procurement, risk and internal assurance. This includes implementing effective financial policies and procedures, business-wide planning, advice and performance reporting.

The group has 7 branches:

  • Enterprise Planning, Performance and Reporting
  • Finance Systems, Operations
  • Procurement
  • Finance Business Partnering
  • Internal Assurance
  • Enterprise Risk and Compliance
  • eInvoicing​

Michael Alp, acting Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Performance

Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand(external link) is headed by Deputy Secretary Alison McDonald.

We look after New Zealand’s immigration rules and laws, which in turn support our economic growth and strengthen our relationship with other parts of the world. We offer a range of visas to help those who can contribute to New Zealand to visit, work, study, live, or invest here.

We work with international organisations and industry partners to improve how the immigration system operates. In addition, we provide regulatory compliance services, oversees border control operations and supports migrant and refugee settlement.

The group has 7 branches:

  • Strategy, Engagement and Education
  • Operations, Tasking and Improvement
  • Border and Visa Operations
  • Refugee and Migrant Services
  • Verification and Compliance
  • Enablement
  • Assurance.

Alison McDonald, Deputy Secretary Immigration New Zealand

Labour, Science and Enterprise

The Labour, Science and Enterprise Group is headed by Deputy Secretary, Nic Blakeley.

We help boost the New Zealand economy by developing New Zealand’s skill system, science and innovation systems, alongside labour market policy. We do this by taking a ‘just transition’ approach so that opportunities and impacts are anticipated, supported, or managed in a way that does not leave people behind.

The group has 7 branches:

  • Economic Development and Transitions
  • Employment, Skills and Immigration Policy
  • Entity Performance and Investment
  • Science, Innovation and International
  • Science System Investment and Performance
  • Tourism
  • Workplace Relations and Safety Policy

Our Crown entity partners play an integral delivery role across these areas. We facilitate and advise on the settings they need to succeed.

Our Crown entity partners include:

Nic Blakeley, Deputy Secretary, Labour, Science and Enterprise

Te Waka Pūtahitanga

The Deputy Secretary Te Waka Pūtahitanga is Melanie Porter.

We partner across MBIE and with the wider system to progress key cross-cutting outcomes such as Māori and Pacifica Economic Strategy, overall Economic Strategy, Regulatory Stewardship and enabling Small Businesses to thrive.

The group has the following 4 branches including the Chief Economist:

  • Te Kupenga - Māori Economic Development Unit
  • Regulatory Stewardship
    • Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-REG)
    • Regulatory System Development
    • Regulatory System Assurance & Improvement
  • Economic Strategy
    • Pacific Policy
    • Strategic Policy Integration
    • Transitions Strategy
  • Chief Economist Unit

Melanie Porter, Deputy Secretary, Te Waka Pūtahitanga

Te Whakatairanga Service Delivery

Te Whakatairanga Service Delivery is headed by Deputy Secretary Suzanne Stew.

Our purpose is to ensure that Aotearoa New Zealand has fair markets that thrive.

The mahi our people in Te Whakatairanga Service Delivery do is vast. We help people understand their rights and obligations, the opportunities available, but we also hold people to account. Our mahi has an impact on the lives of almost every New Zealander, every day, be it as employee, consumer, landlord, renter, new arrival, employer or business owner – even listening to the radio and protecting our airwaves is us.

Our job is to support businesses to thrive and ensure Kiwis are protected. It’s part of delivering on MBIE’s strategy (Te Ara Amiorangi) and our purpose – Grow New Zealand for All.

Underpinning Te Whakatairanga strategy is our Wawata Māori strategy, guiding us to heratanga waka, hertanga tāngata – Māori aspirations for all.

The group has seven branches:

  • Building and Tenancy
  • Business and Consumer
  • Employment Services
  • Immigration Compliance and Investigations
  • Market Integrity
  • Strategy, Performance and Design
  • Engagement and Experience

Suzanne Stew, Deputy Secretary, Te Whakatairanga Service Delivery

Last updated: 16 November 2023