Ticket reselling in New Zealand

Following a number of recent complaints from consumers about ticket reselling practices, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs has announced a review into ticket reselling in New Zealand.


The review of ticket reselling in New Zealand is an opportunity to look at how consumers are being affected by ticket reselling practices, and to consider whether further action is required to ensure consumers are well-protected and have fair access to tickets.

In early March 2019, MBIE released a discussion document on the issues related to ticket reselling. It was based on initial research and some stakeholder interviews, as well as potential options to address the consumer concerns around ticket reselling. You can access this document in the table further down this page.

The discussion document put forward a number of proposals, including:

  • imposing a price cap on resale tickets
  • requiring information disclosure from ticket resellers and primary ticket sellers
  • imposing a ban on ticket-buying bots
  • undertaking joint industry-government action to raise awareness of the issues and make commitments to improve the ticketing system.

Any reforms will aim to promote the long-term interests of consumers by ensuring:

  • consumers have the information they need to transact with confidence
  • markets are well-functioning and competitive
  • consumer harm is reduce from excessive prices and a lack of fair access to tickets.

We received 283 submissions on the discussion document(external link).

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