Help with your dispute

This page explains where you can go to resolve your dispute.

Where to go to resolve your dispute

If you have a dispute and are unable to resolve it yourself, or are unhappy with the outcome, there are dispute resolution schemes who can help. Listed below are some of the schemes you can go to depending on the type of issue you have and the stage your dispute is at.

Issue type Scheme Description
Small claims Disputes Tribunal(external link) Small claims up to $30,000
Employment Early resolution(external link) Free, phone-based service that helps resolve a workplace issue early, quickly and informally
Employment Mediation(external link) Mediation to help resolve employment issues
Tenancy Tenancy mediation(external link) Mediation to help resolve issues with rented housing
Family Family dispute resolution(external link) Mediation to support agreements between parents for the care of their children
Utilities (electricity, gas, or broadband property access) Utilities Disputes(external link) Disputes about energy, water and broadband shared property access
Telecommunications Telecommunications Disputes(external link) Complaints about telecommunication service providers
Financial services Banking Ombudsman(external link) Disputes between consumers and banking service providers
Insurance and Financial Services Ombudsman(external link) Disputes between consumers and financial service providers
Financial Services Complaints Limited(external link) Disputes between consumers and financial service providers
  Financial Dispute Resolution Service(external link) Disputes between consumers and financial service providers
ACC Request an independent review(external link) Disputes about decisions made by ACC
Building and construction Building Performance(external link) Provides information on resolving problems related to building and construction
Retirement Retirement Commissioner(external link) Complaints and disputes about retirement villages
Human rights/discrimination Human Rights Commission(external link) Complaints about breaches of the Human Rights Act, including discrimination, racial and sexual harassment and conversion practices
Privacy rights Office of the Privacy Commissioner(external link) Investigates complaints about interferences with people’s privacy
Government agencies Office of the Ombudsman(external link) Investigates complaints about government agencies
Health and disability Health and Disability Commissioner(external link) Investigates complaints about the quality of health and disability services
Police Independent Police Conduct Authority(external link) Investigates complaints about NZ Police
Work and income Benefits Review Committee(external link) Reviews decisions by Work and Income
Inland Revenue IRD disputes review process(external link) Disagreement with an assessment or decision about your tax or child support
Motor Vehicles Motor Vehicles Disputes Tribunal(external link) Disputes about vehicles purchased from registered traders
Education Study complaints(external link) Contractual and financial disputes between domestic tertiary learners and education providers. Helping international students resolve complaints with their education provider.
Natural disasters New Zealand Claims Resolution Service(external link) Residential insurance claims resulting from natural disasters
Information and advice Consumer Protection(external link) Information on your rights when buying a product and service
Citizens Advice Bureau(external link) Free advice and information on your rights
Consumer NZ(external link) Information and advice on consumer issues

Last updated: 26 June 2024