International tourism forecasts

Pre-COVID-19 our tourism forecasts provided expectations on the future tourism demand in New Zealand. Closure of the New Zealand border in early 2020 has made forecasting challenging and given the lack of data and uncertainty around international travel, we decided to halt it. When reliable data is readily available, we will look to resume forecasting.

The information provided on this page are forecasts made pre-COVID-19, based on econometric modelling, current trends and best-available forecasts of international factors, developed with input from members of the tourism industry. Please bear this in mind when using this information.

In this section

2019-2025 international tourism forecasts

This page has our tourism forecasts for major tourism markets, updated for the 2019-2025 period.

Market forecast summaries

This page contains individual 1-page international tourism forecast summaries for each market.

About the tourism forecasts

Find out more about how we prepare the international tourism forecasts and what they cover.

International forecast microdata

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting tourism research, this section provides the tourism forecasts microdata.

Previous international tourism forecasts

Access previous national and regional international tourism forecasts dating back to 2010.

Last updated: 30 June 2021