Domestic Travel Survey 1999–2012

The Domestic Travel Survey (DTS) was a survey of approximately 15,000 households per year from 1999 to 2012, used to estimate the characteristics of New Zealanders’ domestic tourism.

Availability of the Domestic Travel Survey

The complete Domestic Travel Survey (DTS) series is now available on Statistic New Zealand's NZ.Stat data hub.

Stats NZ website — NZ.Stat: Welcome to the DataHub viewer(external link)

You can also view the questionnaire that was used in the Domestic Travel Survey

Domestic Travel Survey Questionnaire September 2008 [PDF, 246 KB]

Other sources of domestic tourism information

Other sources of information about domestic tourism are listed in the table below.


Information provided

Accommodation Survey

Estimates of commercial accommodation visitor numbers and nights by area.

Regional tourism indicators

Indexes of transaction counts of spending by area.

Regional tourism estimates

An index and expenditure time series of regional tourism.

In this section


The Domestic Travel Survey provided accurate, quarterly information on the number and type of trips, characteristics, behaviour and expenditure of domestic visitors.

Data reliability

The Domestic Travel Survey drew on a sample of approximately 15,000 New Zealand residents per year to represent the behaviour of all domestic travellers in New Zealand.

Definitions and classifications

Domestic Travel Survey data was recorded using particular terms and classifications. This page defines the terms, and has more information on the classifications.

Revised Domestic Travel Survey data series

Domestic Travel Survey results from the year to September 2009 formed the beginning of a new data series, which used an improved methodology and provided more accurate data.