Regional Tourism Estimates (RTEs)

The Regional Tourism Estimates (RTEs) provided regional stakeholders with absolute dollar estimates of tourism expenditure at a detailed regional level — that is, by regional council, territorial authority, visitors’ country of origin and industry. They were superseded by the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) in 2016.

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Data sources and methodology

This page has information about the data sources and methodology used for the Regional Tourism Estimates (2009–2015).

Key pivot table

This table provides estimates of both domestic and international tourism expenditure in million dollars and is part of the Regional Tourism Estimates.

Regional summaries

These 1-page regional summaries show the Regional Tourism Estimates (RTE) data for each regional tourism organisation (RTO).

RTEs 2006–2011

The New Zealand Regional Tourism Estimates 2006–2011 drew data from the International Visitors Survey, Domestic Travel Survey and electronic transactions data.

RTEs data download

As part of our ongoing commitment to support tourism research, this page provides the Regional Tourism Estimates (RTEs) microdata.