Regional Tourism Estimates regional summaries

These 1-page regional summaries show the Regional Tourism Estimates (RTE) data for each regional tourism organisation (RTO).

Regional summaries year ended March 2015

We developed these customised one-page regional summaries for each Regional Tourism Organisation (RTO) in consultation with them.

North Island — Regional summaries

South Island — Regional summaries

Regional Council Summaries

We also developed tourism summaries for 16 regional councils. These show the RTE data along with other regional tourism information.

North Island — Regional Council Summaries

South Island — Regional Council Summaries

2015 changes to the TSA and IVS

Changes to the Tourism Satellite Account, and the International Visitor Survey, mean the 2015 Regional Tourism Estimates generally produced higher estimates of spending for the period 2009-2014 than previously published.

These papers describe the nature and impact of these changes:

All users should discard earlier versions of the RTEs and download the new summaries on this page.