Regional Tourism Indicators (RTIs)

The Regional Tourism Indicators (RTIs) measure the change in level of expenditure of both international and domestic travellers in New Zealand by region.

The data is based on electronic card transactions.

The RTIs were superseded by the Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) in 2016.

In this section

RTIs development and data sources

The Regional Tourism Indicators (RTIs) were designed to provide data on tourism spending in the various regions of New Zealand, using electronic card transaction data as the source.

Key international RTI data tables

This page has graphs and tables that show changes in international expenditure based on data from April 2016.

Key domestic RTI data tables

This page has graphs and tables that show changes in domestic expenditure, using April 2016 data.

RTI detailed data

From this page you can access tables that show a breakdown of international and domestic spending by regional tourism organisations.

RTI country analysis

This page explores electronic card spending patterns for the China market, and provides insights into the types of analysis the Regional Tourism Indicators can produce.

Using the RTI

This video provides in-depth instruction on using the RTI data and pivot tables.

2015 review of RTI

We conducted a review of the Regional Tourism Indicators from March to September 2015.