Regional Tourism Estimates data download

As part of our ongoing commitment to support tourism research, this page provides the Regional Tourism Estimates (RTEs) microdata.

Data for download

The microdata for the Regional Tourism Estimates (RTE), as on 3 Dec 2015, are contained in this zip file.

Regional Tourism Estimates [ZIP, 979 KB]

Data format

The data are in comma separated value (CSV) format as tables that are copies of the database views used by our analysts. This format is aimed at specialist researchers with statistical tools and skills.

Data tables in the zip file

The tables contained in the zip file are listed below.

Data table



Contains main survey details and all single-response question answers for the survey


Contains spend figures

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Data dictionary

We're developing a data dictionary and examples of analysis code, which will be available from this page when ready.


The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) won't be held accountable for any error, inaccurate findings or interpretation within the data. We're also not responsible for the results of any actions taken on the basis of this information.

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