Supporting a skilled and productive workforce

We need to lift skills and productivity to ensure the long-term growth of the building and construction sector.

Growing the number of skilled people

New Zealand’s performance-based building regulatory system is flexible, enabling and encouraging the building and construction industry to develop innovative and cost-effective building design, technology and systems.

New Zealand’s labour market and skills systems need to provide opportunities for people in construction-related occupations and businesses. This will help increase the number of skilled people and innovative firms in the sector.

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Construction Skills Action Plan

Do you have access to people with the skills and capability you need?

Understanding the Construction Contracts Act 2002

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 provides a process for dealing with payments and disputes under a construction contract, including retention money provisions to protect subcontractors.

National Construction Pipeline Report

The National Construction Pipeline Report provides the sector with a 6-year projection of national building and construction activity.