Data sharing

MBIE shares data with domestic and international agencies to support and sustain good public services for New Zealanders.

This may be in order to carry out legislated functions or to assist another state sector agency fulfil its regulatory compliance, law enforcement, or protective security responsibilities.

All data sharing is assessed to be compliant with the Privacy Act 2020 and specific legislative information sharing provisions. This ensures the data shared is accurate, reliable and securely stored to facilitate providing powerful trusted data, improving customer service offerings and ensuring MBIE is empowered by data.

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Sharing information about children

MBIE now has the ability to voluntarily request and disclose personal information with other CWPAs for specified purposes relating to the safety and wellbeing of any child or young person.

Sharing information with Japan for Immigration purposes

Memorandum of Cooperation with the Japan Immigration Services

Here is some more information about how Immigration manages data which includes aspects of data sharing

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Last updated: 25 July 2022