Disclosure regulations and third-party fundraisers consultation

In 2016 we consulted on disclosure regulations for third-party fundraisers.

About the consultation

On 11 December 2015, the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs released a discussion document seeking comment on potential disclosure regulations for third-party fundraisers who are making requests for funds for charitable purposes.

Discussion document: Regulations for soliciting on behalf of charities [PDF, 548 KB]

About third-party fundraisers

Third-party fundraisers are commercial businesses used by many charities to raise funds. They are either professional fundraisers who are contracted by charities to raise donations or commercial operators that have an association with a charity and donate a portion of their profits from selling a good or service.

Background to the consultation

In 2012, the Government amended the Fair Trading Act 1986 (by inserting section 28A) to allow for disclosure regulations to be made in relation to third-party fundraisers.

Disclosure regulations would require third-party fundraisers to disclose prescribed information about their fundraising activities when asking for donations.

Next steps

No regulations were made as a result of this review. However on 24 May 2018 the Minister for the Community and Volunteer Sector announced a review of the Charities Act 2005. The Department of Internal Affairs is the lead agency. The scope of the review includes the regulation of third-party fundraisers.

Read more about the review on the DIA website.(external link)