Monthly tourism spend grouped by RTO and country of origin

Our latest Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs) grouped by regional tourism organisation (RTO) and visitor country of origin.

Monthly spend grouped by RTO

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Spend by Country of Origin
Historical monthly spending pattern

How to use this tool

This series of charts shows tourism expenditure for a month.

Filtering results

Click on individual rows of the RTO and Country charts to update the other charts for the row you have selected.

For example, if Australia was selected from the Country chart the other charts would only show spending associated with Australian visitors.

If Waitaki RTO was selected from the RTO chart and then China was selected from the Country chart, the historical spending chart would illustrate the monthly spending of Chinese visitors to the Waitaki RTO.

Showing exact spend and past spend

  • Hover the mouse cursor over an individual bar to show the exact spend for that category, with the current filters applied.
  • The historical line chart shows monthly spending patterns for the selected combination. Mouseover the linechart to see the monthly spend for any individual month in the data record.

Resetting the charts to their original state

When a selection is made on a chart, the "Reset" option becomes available. Click on it to clear any selections for that chart.

Last updated: 03 December 2020