Regional Tourism Estimates 2006–2011

The Regional Tourism Estimates 2006–2011 drew data from the International Visitors Survey, Domestic Travel Survey and electronic transactions data. They are presented here for historical purposes only.

Data sources and methodology

In order to determine the level of visitor activity and expenditure in specific regions, the 2006–2011 estimates were modelled to estimate visitor nights, visits and expenditure at the RTO level.

The methodology used a complex smoothing and adjustment process to compensate for sample design and sample size characteristics, and shocks such as the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Also, the source IVS and DTS data were adjusted to include children under 15 years of age, who are outside the scope of these surveys.

2006—2011 RTEs

You can access the 2006—2011 estimates below. Note that the file is in protected mode, which disables filters. To be able to use filters, click 'Enable editing' at the top of the file.

Regional Tourism Data Pivot Tables 2006 to 2011 [XLSX, 778 KB]


These data are presented here for historical reasons. Our current best estimate of the regional spread of tourism is found in the latest Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs).