Business Events Delegate Survey (2009-2019)

The Business Events Delegate Survey collected expenditure and length of stay data from multi-day business event delegates through an online survey, from 2009 to 2019.

About the survey

Established in 2009, the Business Events Delegate Survey (previously called the Convention Delegate Survey) was the ‘demand-side’ component of the Business Events Research Programme. Approximately 2500 local, domestic and international convention and conference delegates were surveyed each year across New Zealand.

In 2012, the survey was redeveloped to address problematic definitional and methodological issues. As a result the survey's spend measures were aligned with the International Visitor Survey, enabling direct comparisons between the two data sources.

These changes created a statistical discontinuity between the current report and those previously published. Therefore reports published prior to 2013 can't be directly compared to later periods.

Information on the survey method, and how the survey has changed, can be found in the Convention Delegate Survey report for the year ending December 2013.

Survey reports

Data download

As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting tourism research, we have provided the survey microdata in a zip file.

vw_CDS [ZIP, 291 KB]

Data format

The data are in comma separated value (CSV) format as tables that are copies of the database views used by our analysts. This format is aimed at specialist researchers with statistical tools and skills.

Data tables in the zip file

The tables contained in the zip file are listed below.

Data table



Contains main survey details and all single-response question answers for the survey


Contains details of the roles of attendees to the conferences


Contains details of attendance costs for local attendees


Contains details of spend for both domestic and international respondents


Contains details of travel party of respondents

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Last updated: 05 October 2020