Revised Domestic Travel Survey data series

Domestic Travel Survey results from the year to September 2009 formed the beginning of a new data series, which used an improved methodology and provided more accurate data.

Methodological improvements

This significant change was necessary because of methodological improvements to the survey made in September 2008. These included:

  • improved survey coverage
  • better recall of domestic trips and expenditure data due to an improved questionnaire
  • better quality data from improved survey practices.

After more than a full year’s data under the new methodology was collected, the impact of these changes was investigated. The investigation concluded that a significant structural break had been created, meaning that data from the new and old methodologies could not be compared. Hence, a reliable back series can't be provided.

Data from the old series will only be available on request. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Warning about data comparisons

It's important to note that, because the data series was new, it can't be directly compared to previous Domestic Travel Survey data.