Tourism Insight Series

The Tourism Insight Series supports the sector with rich information and analysis of a range of tourism issues, such as infrastructure, and visitor dispersal and experience.

About the series

Over the next few decades, the number of people visiting New Zealand will grow, presenting us with many opportunities and challenges. The Tourism Insight Series provides data and qualitative information that those in the tourism sector can use to better understand these opportunities and challenges. The reports will help inform policy, decision-making and planning for both public and private organisations working in the sector.

The Tourism Insight Series supports the Government’s tourism strategy, which is designed to help the sector reap the benefits of the expected growth in tourist numbers, while managing the pressures placed on businesses, communities and infrastructure.

Tourism infrastructure report

This report provides detailed information on the supply and demand of tourism infrastructure, such as accommodation and transport.

Tourism infrastructure — August 2016 [PDF, 3.9 MB]

Download by chapter

2 Tourism and tourism infrastructure in New Zealand [PDF, 543 KB]
3 International air travel infrastructure [PDF, 763 KB]
4 Cruise infrastructure [PDF, 128 KB]
5 Tourism accommodation infrastructure [PDF, 448 KB]
6 Road infrastructure [PDF, 334 KB]
7 Rail infrastructure [PDF, 163 KB]
8 Cellular network infrastructure [PDF, 93 KB]
9 Events and activities infrastructure [PDF, 1.1 MB]

Regional and seasonal dispersal of international tourists report

This report illustrates the status of seasonality and regional dispersal at both national and regional levels, providing a detailed international tourist profile for each region in New Zealand across the year.

Regional and seasonal dispersal of international tourists — November 2016 [PDF, 8.9 MB]

Download by chapter

Regional dispersal [PDF, 976 KB]
Seasonal dispersal [PDF, 385 KB]
Appendix 1 – market summaries [PDF, 7.2 MB]
Appendix 2 – international tourism spend by region [PDF, 137 KB]

International visitor experience report

This report provides information on international visitors' experiences while in New Zealand, looking at satisfaction scores by service and amenity, and the reasons behind lower satisfaction.

3. International visitor experience — August 2017 [PDF, 1.3 MB]