Quarterly Tourism Report

This commentary presents the national context for tourism in the year ending September 2019 (and for the September 2019 quarter where available).

This Quarterly Tourism Report focusses on the recent performance of the sector. The data in this report does not include the impacts of the novel coronavirus. MBIE acknowledges that novel coronavirus is creating uncertainty for the tourism sector, and the Government is looking at ways to provide data in a timely manner and information on impacts as they emerge.

Road to Aoraki/Mount Cook

Road to Aoraki/Mount Cook

Quentin Leclercq

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This Quarterly Tourism Report provides a retrospective look at the performance of the sector, so the impacts of the outbreak are not included. Analysis of the impact of the outbreak will be included in future reports.


The regional context for tourism in the year ending September 2019 .


This commentary presents the national context at the country level for tourism in the year ending September 2019.

Data Sources

The QTR covers the performance of the tourism sector over the last year. The report draws on data from a range of sources.

The Report will help with initiatives from the Tourism Data Domain Plan

The Tourism Data Domain Plan (TDDP) sets out the main priorities for improving tourism statistics, based on agreement by industry and government stakeholders. The QTR fills some gaps identified in the TDDP. In particular, the QTR aims to improve data usability and capability within the sector. The QTR assists in the following specific initiatives:

  • Improve the usability of tourism statistics
  • Improve data user capability
  • Improve presentation of IVS data

More information on the TDDP is available here.

Last updated: 11 February 2020