Monitoring the Commerce Commission

The Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs is the minister responsible for the Commerce Commission, and appointed us as its monitoring agent.

About the Commerce Commission

The Commerce Commission is New Zealand's competition, consumer and economic regulation agency. The Commission enforces laws that:

  • prohibit false and misleading behaviour by businesses
  • protect consumers when they borrow money
  • prohibit anti-competitive conduct and mergers.

The Commerce Commission also regulates a number of markets where competition is limited — including telecommunications, dairy, electricity, gas pipelines and airports.

You can find more information on the Commerce Commission's website.

Commerce Commission New Zealand website(external link)

Our monitoring role

We support the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs to fulfil their role as being responsible for the Commerce Commission. We also carry out other functions, such as administering the Commerce Commission’s appropriation and assisting the Minister and the Commerce Commission with planning, monitoring and reporting organisational performance.


The Commerce Commission board consists of 4-6 members. The Commission may also have any number of associate members.

For further information about board appointments, including current board vacancies, see the page below.

Board appointments 

Letter of Expectations

The Commerce Commission must act independently in carrying out its functions under various Acts. However, the Minister has a role under the Crown Entities Act in assisting the Commission in setting its strategy and direction. One way the Minister is able to do this is through issuing an annual letter of expectations to the Commission.

Annual Letter of Expectations for 2019/20 [PDF, 525 KB]

Response to Annual Letter of Expectations for 2019/20 [PDF, 529 KB]

Annual Letter of Expectations for 2018/19 [PDF, 472 KB]

Response to Annual Letter of Expectations for 2018/19 [PDF, 2.5 MB]



Output Agreement

The Output Agreement with the Commerce Commission sets requirements relating to funding and reporting.

Signed Output Agreement October 2016 [PDF, 3.7 MB]