Lay members of the High Court for Commerce Act cases

This page lists current lay members appointed to the High Court for Commerce Act matters.

Provision for lay members

Sections 77 and 78 of the Commerce Act 1986 provide for lay members to be appointed to the New Zealand High Court for Commerce Act matters.

They ensure that expert evidence on complex competition issues is properly understood, tested and assessed by the High Court.

Appointment of lay members

The Governor-General appoints lay members at the recommendation of the Attorney-General, who is required to consult with the Chief Justice and the Minister of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.

The appointment of lay members to particular cases is at the discretion of High Court Judges.

Once a lay member has been appointed to a case, they become a member of the court for the purposes of that case.

Current lay members 

Name Date of original appointment Expiry of term
Professor Tony van Zijl 5 March 2009 22 June 2027
Patrick Duignan 4 April 2016 22 June 2027
Professor Stephen King 28 August 2003 22 June 2027
Dr Jill Walker 23 June 2022 22 June 2027
Dr Lilla Csorgo 23 June 2022 22 June 2027

Note: Further appointments are expected.

Last updated: 25 July 2022