2012 standards policy and infrastructure review

Our 2012 review of New Zealand’s standards policy and infrastructure resulted in the Standards and Accreditation Act 2015 which changed New Zealand’s standards system.

The Act's purpose

The Standards and Accreditation Act 2015 aims to ensure standards and accreditation systems are:

  • viable
  • well-functioning
  • continuing to meet the needs of business, regulators, and consumers into the future.

What the Act did

  • The Act established a new independent statutory board to approve New Zealand standards and membership of standards development committees.
  • It retained and strengthened main elements of the current arrangements, such as codifying in legislation the role of balanced committees of technical experts in developing standards.
  • It located the development of standards in our Ministry. This ensured closer alignment with government objectives.
  • It strengthened the existing cost-recovery model, by providing for full life-cycle costing of standards.
  • It repealed the Testing Laboratory Registration Act 1972 and incorporated its provisions into the Standards and Accreditation Act.
  • It better reflected the Testing Laboratory Registration Council’s accreditation activities, including renaming the Council the Accreditation Council.