Consumer data right

The Government has decided to establish a consumer data right in New Zealand to give individuals and businesses greater choice and control over their data. We recently consulted on the draft law that will be used to enable this, and we are considering public feedback.

In this section

What does the draft law do?

Read an overview of what the draft law will and will not allow. This information helps explain why the draft law has been introduced and what benefits we can expect because of it.

Core principles

Read an overview of the core principles underpinning the consumer data right. This information addresses frequently asked questions and clarifies some misconceptions.

Key documents

Access important documents relevant to the consumer data right, including the draft law, discussion documents, cabinet papers, and more.

Get involved:

Please email us if you:

  • have feedback or queries about the draft Customer and Product Data Bill.
  • would like to be added to our mailing list to receive updates on the Bill.

Last updated: 18 August 2023