Cartels and collaborative activities 2017

The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2017 redefines the prohibition against cartels to refer to the 3 ways in which businesses may lessen competition between each other — that is, by fixing prices, restricting output or allocating markets.

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The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Act

The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Act amends the Commerce Act 1986 to better provide for pro-competitive collaboration between businesses, while also deterring anti-competitive cartel conduct.

How the cartel reform came to be

This page covers key milestones in the 8-year reform of the Commerce Act's cartel provisions.

International shipping in the Commerce Act

The competition regime for international shipping agreements is to be transitioned to the Commerce Act. The new provisions take effect on 17 August 2019.

Exposure draft bill material and submissions 2011

The exposure draft of the Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill was released in 2011, and submissions were received later that same year.

Submissions on the cartel criminalisation discussion document 2010

The cartel criminalisation discussion document was released in 2010, and submissions were received in the following months.