Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day

The Government has created a new one-off public holiday on 26 September 2022 to mark the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away on 8 September 2022, in the 71st year of her reign as Queen of New Zealand.

Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day Bill passes into law(external link) — Beehive.govt.nz

Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day is to be treated as

  • a public holiday for the purpose of the Holidays Act 2003, and that Act will apply, with any necessary modifications, to the observance of the day; and
  • a day on which schools are closed.

Standard Public Holiday requirements under the Holidays Act will apply.

Public holidays(external link) — Employment New Zealand

No shop trading restrictions or restrictions on the sale of liquor will apply to this public holiday.

Queen Elizabeth II Memorial Day will be considered a non-working day for statutory and contractual provisions, where these express timeframes with reference to working days. September 26 is also South Canterbury Anniversary Day. Under s44 Holidays Act 2003, when 2 public holidays fall on the same day, employees only get 1 day off.

Local authorities have the ability to set, add to, or change the provincial anniversary day holidays. It is up to the relevant local authorities to decide whether or not to move South Canterbury Day.

Last updated: 04 October 2022