Regulatory systems amendment bills

This page explains the different regulatory system amendment bills that we have used to update legislation we administer.

The first regulatory system amendment bill became law in March 2018; the second regulatory system amendment bill is aiming to become law in 2019.

The purpose of regulatory systems amendment bills

These bills seek to provide a process for making continuous improvements to regulatory systems that don't warrant a standalone bill and are not suitable for inclusion in a Statutes Amendment Bill.

Statutes Amendment Bill on the New Zealand Parliament website(external link)

Regulatory systems bills seek to:

  • reduce the chance of regulatory failure
  • clarify and update statutory provisions to give effect to the intended purpose of the act and its provisions and keep the regulatory system up to date and relevant
  • address regulatory duplication, gaps, errors, and inconsistencies within and between different pieces of legislation
  • remove any unnecessary costs of compliance and doing business.

Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill (1)

The Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill (1) included amendments to 20 acts from the portfolios of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Building and Housing, Energy and Resources, and Communications.

These amendments address a number of relatively technical issues with our regulatory systems to keep them up to date and relevant.

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Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill (2)

In December 2016 and April 2017, Cabinet agreed to policy approvals for the second Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill.

The Bill makes amendments to 20 statutes falling under the Social Housing and Housing, Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Energy and Resources, and Workplace Relations and Safety portfolios.

In July 2018 Cabinet agreed these 3 amendment bills be introduced to the House of Representatives:

  • Regulatory System (Economic Development) Amendment Bill
  • Regulatory System (Housing) Amendment Bill
  • Regulatory System (Workforce) Amendment Bill

Select Committees will call for submissions in September 2018.

The Bills, Cabinet legislation paper and Disclosure Statements can be found in the related documents below.

For more information on the second Regulatory Systems Amendment Bill, contact us at

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