NASA internships and New Zealand Space Agency scholarships

The New Zealand Space Agency invited high-performing New Zealand tertiary students to apply to participate in the NASA International Internship Programme from June to August 2019. To complement this opportunity, the New Zealand Space Agency offered the New Zealand Space Scholarship.

This application process has now closed.

NASA International Internship Programme

The NASA International Internship Programme is an opportunity for New Zealand tertiary students to work collaboratively on research with a NASA mentor.

The programme will take place at NASA’s Ames Research Centre in Silicon Valley, California from June to August 2019 and is designed to enhance your international and intercultural understanding and skills by working on NASA research or NASA-related mission or project.

Opportunities for collaboration with a diverse range of other interns will be provided both in formal and informal settings.

What topics can I work on?

Interns will collaborate under the guidance of a NASA mentor in the following areas:

  • Entry systems such as safely delivering spacecraft to Earth & other celestial bodies
  • Advanced Computing & IT Systems including supercomputing
  • Aerosciences
  • Air Traffic Management including NextGen Air Transportation
  • Astrobiology and Life Science
  • Cost-Effective Space Missions
  • Intelligent/Adaptive Systems including Autonomy and Robotics, and Human Systems Integration
  • Space and Earth Science including Exoplanets and Airborne Science.

Applicants will be required to indicate which areas they would be most interested in focusing on during the internship.

Find out more information on these topics(external link).

The New Zealand Space Agency will help you get to NASA

To help you undertake your internship, the New Zealand Space Agency will award a New Zealand Space Scholarship to up to four students.

The scholarship aims to:

  1. Support New Zealand’s high-achieving students in space-related activities – the programme will give New Zealand’s future innovators, entrepreneurs and scientists a head-start in their careers by enabling them to develop technical skills at a world-leading space agency, build international professional networks and develop their understanding of the global space economy.
  2. Build capability in the New Zealand space economy – New Zealand’s ability to leverage existing international space intelligence, thought-leaders and networks such as those at NASA is crucial as we continue to build capability in the New Zealand space industry. Over time, the programme’s alumni will provide a unique source of skills, knowledge and expertise into the New Zealand space economy.
  3. Strengthen New Zealand’s connection to the global space network – the programme offers an opportunity to enhance New Zealand’s reputation as an active, responsible and credible space actor and strengthens New Zealand’s connection to the global space network.
  4. Demonstrates New Zealand’s high-quality tertiary education – supporting New Zealand students to participate in the programme demonstrates that New Zealand tertiary education prepares students to achieve in STEM at the highest levels.

This is a highly competitive programme. Should you wish to apply, please check that you comply with all eligibility criteria before submitting an application.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship covers specified costs relating to the internship at NASA, as follows:

  • return economy airfares to United States
  • NASA administration fee
  • accommodation (please note, the successful candidate is likely to be accommodated onsite in NASA lodging)
  • stipend (to cover food, travel and other related expenses);
  • visa-related fees
  • medical and travel insurance.

The scholarship will only cover costs associated with participating in the NASA internship. Any additional costs associated with the candidate extending their stay in the United States will be their own responsibility.

Who can apply?

The New Zealand Space Agency is looking for a diverse range of high-achieving students to represent New Zealand at NASA.

Interested students:

Beyond the eligibility criteria, we are looking for students who are:

  • supportive team players who show respect, build partnerships and work collaboratively
  • nimble learners who are flexible, accept new ideas and are responsive to change
  • evidence gatherers who get to the heart of complex issues and problems through clear analytical thinking and effective application of expertise
  • creative thinkers who apply creativity and innovation to develop new solutions.

The application process is 2-phased. Candidates must first be selected by the New Zealand Space Agency, and secondly by NASA as it chooses finalists from a broader pool of international applicants.

The application process has now closed.