Low emissions economy

This section is about our work to improve energy efficiency, including lowering greenhouse gas emissions and fostering growth in renewable energy.

The benefits of energy efficiency

Making improvements in energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy is a priority for the government.

The use of energy efficient technology and practices, energy conservation, and renewable sources of energy can:

  • enhance economic growth through increased productivity
  • improve energy security by reducing energy demand, including for imported sources of energy
  • assist with energy affordability by reducing consumer energy costs
  • defer the need for more expensive energy supply by making better use of existing energy
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy
  • improve people’s health, well-being and productivity through warmer and more efficient homes.

Environmental management work

The Ministry for the Environment is the government's principal adviser on environmental and climate change issues. However, we also contribute to the development of environmental and climate change policies because of their relevance to energy efficiency and resource development, including:

In this section

Energy efficiency in New Zealand

We’re responsible for advising the Government on energy efficiency policy for New Zealand. EECA is responsible for implementing programmes to improve the energy efficiency of New Zealand homes and business.

Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is the process to remove carbon dioxide, from waste gases produced in large-scale industrial processes and permanently store it underground.

Process heat in New Zealand

We are working with the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority to improve process heat's energy efficiency and increase the input from renewable energy.