Energy statistics

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide timely and accessible energy information, this section presents energy statistics including supply and demand by fuel types, energy balance tables, pricing information, international comparisons and greenhouse gas emissions.

Each page contains a topic summary and data tables in Excel format.

In this section

Coal statistics

Statistics for coal fuel in New Zealand, as well as information about reserves, production and consumption.

Oil statistics

Data tables for oil production, transformation and consumption in New Zealand, as well as outlines of distribution and storage of oil products.

Gas statistics

Data tables for gas production in New Zealand, and information about gas production, distribution, consumption and storage.

Renewables statistics

Data tables for renewable energy resources in New Zealand, including hydro, geothermal, wind and bioenergy.

Electricity statistics

Data tables for electricity production in New Zealand, and information about electricity generation and demand.

Energy prices

Real and nominal price data relating to New Zealand’s energy prices — petrol, diesel, fuel oil, natural gas and electricity.

Energy indicators

On this page you can find energy indicators for New Zealand. Energy indicators are used to track and monitor different aspects of a country's energy system such as affordability, security, and sustainability.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Data tables showing greenhouse gas emissions from New Zealand's energy sector.

Energy balances

The latest energy balance tables for New Zealand, showing how energy supply and demand by sector varies by energy fuel type.

Weekly fuel price monitoring

We carry out weekly monitoring of importer margins for regular petrol, premium petrol and automotive diesel. This data is updated weekly, using the previous week's data.

Petroleum reserves data

This data details New Zealand’s petroleum reserves and has been compiled using annual summary reports submitted by permit holders.

Last updated: 13 June 2019