Energy balances

On this page you can find the latest energy balance tables for New Zealand. These show how energy supply and demand by sector varies by energy fuel type.

About the energy balance tables

New Zealand’s energy production derives from both renewable and non-renewable sources. We import and export fossil fuels, which generates export revenue but also results in a dependency and vulnerability to energy commodity prices. These vary according to international supply and demand factors that are outside of New Zealand’s control.

The energy balance tables reflect how energy supply and demand by sector varies by energy fuel type. Domestic energy supply is derived from either indigenous production or imported from overseas sources. In turn, fuel types can be transformed into different forms of energy, at the cost of losses and inefficiencies which vary by transformation process.

Supply, demand, losses and inefficiencies are reflected in balanced energy supply and demand tables.

Download the balance tables

This data file contains the energy balance tables for energy supply and demand in New Zealand since 1990. The tables are updated annually.

Figures are presented in Gross Petajoules (Higher Heating Value) unless otherwise stated.

Energy balance tables | Calendar year 1990 - 2022 [XLSX, 2.1 MB]

Last updated: 24 January 2024