Delivering the diesel — Liquid fuel deliveries in New Zealand 1990-2008

This report presents the results of the 2008 calendar year Annual Liquid Fuel Survey, as well as a reconstructed time-series of these deliveries back to 1990.

About the report

The Annual Liquid Fuel Survey is a survey of New Zealand's independent distribution companies' deliveries of petrol and diesel by sector.

This time-series was used to correct New Zealand's existing fuel consumption statistics, the Delivery of Petroleum Fuel by Industry (DPFI) survey — a survey of New Zealand's oil companies liquid fuel deliveries by sector.

The accuracy of the DPFI had decreased since 1988 — after the downstream petroleum market was deregulated— because the deliveries by independent distributors were incorrectly allocated to transport through an invalid assumption.

A check of this corrected petrol and diesel on-road transport demand was made to an independent estimate of petrol and diesel used for on-road transport (The Ministry of Transport's Vehicle Fleet Model). These series' were found to be in good agreement.

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Delivering the diesel — Liquid Fuel Deliveries in New Zealand 1990 – 2008 [PDF, 109 KB]