New Zealand Energy Quarterly

The New Zealand Energy Quarterly provides quarterly data and analysis on energy supply, demand, prices and associated greenhouse gas emissions. This page has the current edition.

Current Energy Quarterly publication

The current edition of Energy Quarterly is for the December quarter (Q4) 2018. It was released on 14 March 2018.

Energy Quarterly: 2018 Q4 report [PDF, 82 KB]
ISSN 1178-2714 (online)

The main highlights for this quarter are:

  • Renewable sources accounted for 85% of electricity generation
  • Hydro generation was up 1.6% compared to the December quarter 2017 and geothermal generation rose by 7%
  • Coal fired generation was up 84% and gas fired generation was down 38% over the same period
  • Reductions in production at Pohokura contributed to an overall 21% reduction in gas supply for the quarter
  • Fuel prices rose for the quarter, with petrol being up 11% from December 2017, and diesel rising 24%.

For more detailed data, see the relevant page:

Media release

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