New Zealand Energy Quarterly – March 2022

The New Zealand Energy Quarterly provides quarterly data and analysis on energy supply, demand, prices and associated greenhouse gas emissions. This edition was released 9 June 2022.

Main highlights for this quarter

  • The renewable share of electricity generation for the quarter was 82.7%, 4.5% higher than a year ago
  • Hydro generation was 5.3% higher than in the March 2021 quarter, and generation from wind was up 21.2%
  • The increase in hydro and wind generation led to a decreased reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation. Electricity generated from coal dropped by 57% compared to the previous March quarter
  • Overall electricity consumption fell by 1.2% on the previous March quarter, driven by a 17% decrease in agriculture, forestry and fishing, although this was partially offset by a 2.8% increase from residential demand
  • Coal imports were down 58% on the previous March quarter. With the gas supply being slightly more secure this winter, and slightly higher hydro lake levels, coal demand is reduced compared to recent years
  • March saw the last import of crude oil to the Marsden point refinery, which closed on 1 April as the company moved to become an import only terminal. For land transport use, petrol consumption fell 11% since March quarter 2021, while diesel consumption was up 1%.

More information on the response to COVID-19 by the energy sector

Access the data

A range of energy related data was previously published in the New Zealand Energy Dashboard. As of January 2024 this dashboard has been discontinued.

You can access our data via the Excel files on the pages below:

Last updated: 24 January 2024