APEC Energy Working Group

New Zealand is a member of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Energy Working Group, which is APEC’s main body to deal with energy issues.

Energy Working Group

Launched in 1990, the Energy Working Group seeks to maximise the energy sector's contribution to the region's economic and social well-being, while mitigating environmental effects of energy supply and use.

The EWG meets formally twice a year to:

  • hold a dialogue on key energy issues affecting the APEC region
  • share information on notable energy sector developments
  • review progress on current projects and initiatives designed to achieve the EWG's goals and objectives.

Expert groups

It has 4 expert groups that usually meet twice a year. Each has its own programme of activities to cover:

  • new and renewable energy technology (EGNRET)
  • clean fossil energy (EGCFE)
  • energy efficiency and conservation (EGEE&C)
  • energy data analysis (EGEDA).

The Energy Working Group also meets twice a year and is responsible for up to 30 energy-related events each year.

We represent New Zealand on the Energy Working Group, and actively participate in the Expert Group on Energy Data Analysis (EGEDA).

The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority actively participates in 2 expert groups: New and Renewable Energy Technology (EGNRET), and Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EGEEC).

Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority(external link)

54th APEC Energy Working Group meeting

New Zealand hosted the 54th meeting of the APEC Energy Working Group in Wellington from 20-24 November 2017.

As New Zealand’s APEC EWG representative, we were the organising body for this meeting. The last time New Zealand hosted an APEC EWG meeting was in March 2007.