Consultation document: Advancing New Zealand’s energy transition

We’re seeking feedback on policy that will set the direction and pace of change for energy in New Zealand.

This is the web version of the consultation document  'Advancing New Zealand’s energy transition'.

The consultation closed on 2 November 2023.

To download the PDF version, visit the consultation page:

Consultation on advancing New Zealand’s energy transition

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Energy keeps Aotearoa New Zealand running. We use energy for transport, heating, manufacturing, food preparation and in countless other ways.

Towards an energy strategy for New Zealand

Developing an Energy Strategy for New Zealand is an action from Te hau mārohi ki anamata, the Government’s first emissions reduction plan.

There is already a lot of work underway

There has already been significant work to support the energy transition.

A package of energy sector discussion documents

We are releasing a package of discussion documents to advance New Zealand’s energy transition and inform the Energy Strategy.

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