Electricity market

This section covers the electricity industry's regulatory framework, how the industry works in New Zealand, how to apply for electricity operator status and the Smart Grid Forum.

MOU with the Electricity Authority

The Electricity Authority is an independent Crown entity that was established by the Electricity Industry Act 2010 to oversee and regulate New Zealand’s electricity market.

We developed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Electricity Authority to provide a framework for both parties to work together, especially where there is the potential for overlap in our respective roles.

In this section

Electricity security

Long-term security and reliability of electricity supply requires regulatory certainty and effective and balanced rules.

Electricity industry regulatory framework

The electricity industry is covered by generic legislation as well as acts and regulations specific to the sector.

Electricity industry

The electricity industry in New Zealand has 4 main components – generation, transmission, distribution and retail.

Electricity operators in New Zealand

Electricity generators or distributors may need to apply for electricity operator status to perform certain activities in some areas.

New Zealand Smart Grid Forum

Established in 2014, the Smart Grid Forum's new focus is to host lectures, workshops and panel discussions for the electricity industry.