Implementing a ban on new fossil-fuel baseload electricity generation

In the first Emissions Reduction Plan, the Government committed to ban new fossil-fuel baseload electricity generation to show that it has no future in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Implementing the ban will provide regulatory certainty and ensure energy investments made today reflect our international commitments.


MBIE is asking for feedback on how far this proposal should go and if there should be any exemptions, such as whether:

  • there should be any exemption to the ban for security of supply reasons
  • government should allow new plants that use a blend of fossil fuels and renewable fuels; and
  • energy efficient fossil fuel plants that produce both useful heat and electricity, known as cogeneration, should be exempted.

The ban is not intended to apply to existing plants or new fossil-fuel peaking plants, which have a role to play in keeping energy reliable and affordable while we work to increase renewable electricity capacity.

Submissions are open until 2 November 2023. For more information or to have your say, visit:

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