Measures for transition to an expanded and highly renewable electricity system

As set out in the first Emissions Reduction Plan released in 2022, the Government is investigating the need for additional electricity market measures that support affordable, reliable and resilient electricity supply while accelerating the transition to a more renewable electricity system.

We want to hear from the electricity sector and consumers on whether additional measures may be needed during the energy transition to improve:

  • generation
  • transmission
  • distribution
  • how and when consumers use electricity.

This consultation spans the electricity sector:

  • covering renewable generation and the retirement of fossil-fuelled power plants
  • wholesale market competition challenges faced by independent retailers
  • regulation that affects our transmission and distribution networks
  • the role for smaller-scale power generation and flexibility in how and when we use our power.

It also seeks feedback on how government policy objectives are reflected for electricity system regulators.

This consultation asks what changes we might need, and what else the government can do to ensure New Zealanders benefit from a reliable and affordable electricity supply. 

The consultation is open for submissions until 2 November 2023, 5pm. For more information or to have your say, visit:

Our energy future

Feedback on this consultation will help identify and prioritise the government’s focus on how best to support the electricity sector transition, and inform the development of the New Zealand Energy Strategy expected to be released in 2024.

Aotearoa New Zealand Energy Strategy

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We welcome queries and engagement from stakeholders on the development of this work.
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