Data and analysis

We deliver a range of data, statistics, modelling, research and analytical papers.

Data and statistics


Energy in New Zealand Annual publication
Analysis of data from New Zealand’s energy sector
Coal statistics Data tables for coal production in New Zealand
Oil statistics Data tables for oil production in New Zealand
Gas statistics Data tables for gas production in New Zealand
Renewables statistics Data tables for renewable energy resources in New Zealand
Electricity statistics Data tables for electricity production in New Zealand
Energy prices Real and nominal price data relating to New Zealand’s energy prices
Electricity cost and price monitoring Household sales-based electricity cost data and publicly advertised retail electricity tariff data
International energy price and consumption comparisons Data on New Zealand’s energy prices and consumption compared to those OECD countries for which information is available
New Zealand energy sector greenhouse gas emissions Data tables showing greenhouse gas emissions from New Zealand's energy sector
Energy balances Latest energy balance tables for New Zealand, showing how energy supply and demand by sector varies by energy fuel type
Weekly fuel price monitoring Data from weekly monitoring of importer margins for regular petrol and automotive diesel
Petroleum reserves data data detailing New Zealand’s petroleum reserves


International Visitor Survey Measures of the expenditure, characteristics and behaviours of international visitors to New Zealand
Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates Estimates of monthly expenditure on tourism from both international and domestic consumers
Accommodation survey Information about short-term commercial accommodation activity in New Zealand
Tourism and the economy Also called Tourism Satellite Account (TSA)
Impact of tourism on the economy in terms of expenditure and employment
New Zealand Tourism Dashboard Brings together a range of tourism datasets produced by MBIE and Stats NZ into one easy-to-use tool



Jobs Online Measures of changes in job vacancies advertised by businesses on 3 internet job boards
Labour Market Dashboard(external link) Self-service tool which displays labour market information from many different sources

Economic development

Regional Economic Activity Web Tool(external link) Tool allow to compare a wide range of economic indicators for the various regions of New Zealand
New Zealand Sectors Dashboard(external link) Range of datasets on the New Zealand economy, by sector, with data from MBIE and Stats New Zealand

Modelled Territorial Authority GDP(external link)

Explore the data and compare the GDPs of different territorial authorities and industries in New Zealand


Housing affordability measure  
Urban Development Capacity Dashboard(external link) Charts, maps, tables and underlying data on local markets for housing and business space

Research and analysis

This section has analysis of trends in the data we have been collecting ourselves, or from other organisations.


Energy in New Zealand Annual publication
Analysis of data from New Zealand’s energy sector


Business Events Research Programme Data from the Business Events Activity Survey and Business Event Delegate Survey
Tourism research reports Rich information and analysis of a range of tourism issues
International Visitor Survey Measures of the expenditure, characteristics and behaviours of international visitors to New Zealand


Labour Market Scorecard Quarterly update
Key labour market statistics and indicators, which provides an overall view of the state of the labour market
Quarterly Labour Market Report Combines our labour market monitoring programme with the latest developments in the labour market to paint a summary of labour market trends up to the latest quarter


Migration trends reports Annual report series
Examines trends in temporary and permanent migration to and from New Zealand
Pacific migrants trends report Migration trends of migrants from the Pacific over the last 5 years using Immigration New Zealand data
Regional migration trends reports Annual report
Overview of migrant population and the impact migrants have on each region’s labour market


Modelling and forecasting

In this section are in-depth analytical pieces of research into projecting how markets operate.


Our Energy modelling work programme produces projections of future energy supply, demand, prices and emissions.

The Energy publications and technical papers page lists energy statistics and modelling publications and technical papers, reports and guides, produced by or for MBIE.


Our International tourism forecasts are based on econometric modelling, current trends and forecasts of international factors, and are developed with tourism industry input.


Short-term employment forecasts (3 years) 

Medium to long-term employment forecasts (5-10 years, 2020-2025) 


The International Visitor Survey methodology page includes information about the survey's purpose, quality targets, population, sampling, data processing, analysis and outputs.