Regulating entities

This section relates to the laws on how entities, including companies, incorporated societies, building societies and limited partnerships, are created, administered and wound up.

In this section

Incorporated Societies Act review

We are reviewing the Incorporated Societies Act 1908. As part of this review, exposure draft bills were released in 2015 and 2016.

Our work with the PCO

We are working with the Parliamentary Counsel Office (PCO) to revise Acts and make them more accessible, readable and easier to understand.

Financial Reporting Act 2013

A review of the financial reporting framework led to the Financial Reporting Act 2013 which sets reporting requirements for businesses and registered charities.

Insolvency Review Working Group

The Insolvency Review Working Group was a panel of experts set up in November 2015 to examine aspects of corporate insolvency law.

Supporting the integrity of the corporate governance system

The corporate governance system provides the legal infrastructure for the operation of businesses, not-for-profit entities and civil society organisations.

Changes to the Takeovers Code

The Takeovers Code aims to ensure transparency and equitable processes for control-change transactions in the shares of companies it covers.

Historic reform of corporate law

This section covers historic reform of legislation supporting the integrity of the corporate system.

Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures

The Government plans to make climate-related financial disclosures mandatory for some organisations. The requirement would apply to publicly listed companies and large insurers, banks and investment managers.