A co-regulation licensing regime for insolvency practitioners

A new co-regulatory licensing regime for insolvency practitioners is currently being considered by Parliament.

The Insolvency Practitioners Bill

On 28 June 2018, the Government tabled a supplementary order paper (SOP) to the Insolvency Practitioners Bill.

The SOP provides a co-regulatory licensing regime for insolvency practitioners. It also makes changes to the Companies Act 1993 and Receiverships Act 1993 to:

  • improve the list of automatic practitioner disqualifications
  • provide the High court with an effective means to disqualify practitioners
  • increase the difficulty in which debtor friendly liquidators can be appointed
  • void the transfer of a company’s assets once a liquidation application has been filed.

Read the Supplementary Order Paper on the Legislation website(external link)

Read the Insolvency Practitioners Bill on the Parliament website(external link)

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Cabinet Paper [PDF, 1.5 MB]

Regulatory Impact Statement [PDF, 371 KB]

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