Just Transitions for Taranaki

Why Taranaki?

Following the announcement that there would be no new offshore oil and gas exploration permits in New Zealand in 2018, the Government embarked on a Just Transition Partnership with Taranaki where the oil and gas sector is a large part of the local economy.

Planning for the future - no new offshore oil and gas exploration permits(external link) — Beehive.govt.nz

The start of a partnership

One of the key activities was the co-development of the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap.

The people of Taranaki created the content of the Roadmap through a co-design process run over 2 months from February 2019. Over 700 people took part in 23 workshops around the region on defined transition topics, as well as 5 community workshops.

Read more information on this process(external link) — Taranaki.co.nz

The Roadmap sets out the long-term vision for the Region to achieve an equitable, productive, and sustainable low-emissions economy by 2050.

Action plans

The Roadmap identified 12 transition pathways that the region wished to focus on. MBIE and Venture Taranaki supported the region develop action plans for each of these transition pathways. This work included a further 36 workshops to draw the information into a cohesive plan for implementation.

Read more on the action plans(external link) — Taranaki.co.nz

Governance group

This work was initially led by an interim group consisting of the 7 pou. The interim group has now transitioned to Ngā Kaiwhākatere o Taranaki, which is the enduring governance group that oversees the implementation of Taranaki’s just transition.

Supporting the region

The Government has directly supported the T2050 process in the region with over $1.6million in funding and staff in the region. 

This includes providing funding to Venture Taranaki to employ local staff and facilitators to deliver this work for the region.

Stay up to date with the latest Taranaki 2050 information(external link) — Taranaki.co.nz