Managed isolation and quarantine data

Weekly data and statistics about managed isolation and quarantine in New Zealand.

MIQ is winding down which means data on this page is reducing.

MIQ voucher booking system to end, decommissioning of facilities underway(external link)  — Managed isolation and quarantine

229,862 people have returned to NZ through MIQ since 26 March 2020

Reported as at 8AM Wednesday 11/05/2022

Managing COVID cases in our facilities

Returnees arriving in NZ and staying in facilities who have tested positive for COVID-19 are referred to as border cases. Some community cases who test positive for COVID-19 are transferred to our facilities and stay in quarantine.

  • 0 border cases currently in quarantine facilities
  • 15 community outbreak cases currently in quarantine facilities

Snapshot reported as at 8AM Wednesday 11/05/2022

Who is in our facilities?

Capacity in managed isolation and quarantine is measured in rooms rather than beds.

Managed isolation (returnees)

The actual number of rooms and occupants fluctuate daily. More information is available on our MIQ capacity and allocations page.

MIQ capacity and allocations

  • 14 isolation rooms occupied
  • 16 people currently in isolation

Quarantine (returnees, community and close contacts)

  • 474 quarantine room total capacity
  • 10 quarantine rooms occupied
  • 15 people currently in quarantine
  • 63 quarantine rooms in maintenance, cleaning or repair
  • 401 quarantine rooms available

Close contacts (community)

Close contacts now occupy rooms alongside the positive case they are a close contact of. Because of this there is no longer capacity set aside to hold close contacts. The close contacts will be captured in the Quarantine (returnees, community and close contacts) section above as they are now utilizing quarantine capacity alongside their positive contact.

Historical data

Since 15 November 2021 [XLSX, 139 KB]

Last updated: 11 May 2022