Managed isolation and quarantine data

Data and statistics about managed isolation and quarantine in New Zealand.

Find our daily snapshot data below. We improved the format of these on Friday 4 December 2020. See the PDF links at the bottom of this page if you would like to see previous versions.

The daily snapshot below shows room occupancy rates in our facilities, MIAS voucher allocations and availability as well as the number of returnees who have been through the facilities. It also includes the Ministry of Health testing data and any incident reports of key updates regarding Managed Isolation and Quarantine.

Take in to consideration the following explanations when analysing this information.

Focus on 14 days:

  • Rooms in our facilities are occupied for a minimum of 14 days with additional time needed for cleaning and maintenance. As such, when looking at room availability we need to consider this full 14 day period as opposed to room occupancy on any single day. Rooms that are vacant today may be needed for an incoming flight tomorrow, so are not actually available.

Forecast over capacity:

  • From time-to-time MIQ may forecast to exceed its listed operational capacity. We know that for various reasons, such as international travel volatility, that not all people who currently have MIAS vouchers will use them. Based on these factors, we release additional vouchers to ensure we can utilise the full available capacity.
  • In addition, we may access our contingency for short periods if this allows us to manage a short-term peak in arrivals. This is only done for short periods as the contingency is primarily needed for unforeseen events or if some people may need to stay for longer than expected.

MIAS vouchers availability:

  • This report outlines the number of MIAS vouchers available for booking online at a point-in-time. This may be out of date when this information is accessed, so regularly check MIAS if you are looking for vouchers. We know that for various reasons, such as international travel volatility, that not all people who currently have MIAS vouchers will use them. Vouchers are regularly released as they become available (i.e. if someone cancels their voucher).

Latest daily factsheet

Released at: 11/06/2021

Managed isolation allocations: 14 day forecast

As at 23:59 10 June 2021

Region Auckland Hamilton Rotorua Wellington Christchurch Total
Operational Capacity 2,501 233 393 140 733 4,000
Current Rooms Allocated 1,597 212 282 85 425 2,601

14-Day Peak Allocated 3,249

Managed Isolation Allocation System (MIAS) rooms allocated

Rooms in our managed isolation facilities are needed for 14 days. The below graph illustrates room allocation rates over the coming weeks. If the room allocation rate is projected to reach the operational capacity level in the next 14 days, no additional rooms can be allocated in the days leading up to this peak. Please see the explanatory notes on the MBIE website which provides further explanation about the information contained in this 14 day forecast.

MIAS allocations overview - as at 08:00AM 11 JUN 2021

12-Jun 13-Jun 14-Jun 15-Jun 16-Jun 17-Jun 18-Jun 19-Jun 20-Jun 21-Jun 22-Jun 23-Jun 24-Jun 25-Jun
Rooms Allocated 2,655 2,619 2,554 2,718 2,682 2,705 2,894 2,938 2,896 2,894 3,023 3,056 3,112 3,249

Vouchers available to 25 June: +17*

Occupancy and returnee overview

Number of people currently in Managed Isolation facilities: 3,416

Number of people currently in Quarantine facilities: 69

Projected Returnees – Next 14 days: 4,306

Total number of people through MI & Q facilities since 26 March 2020: 144,505

Incident reports and key messages

This section reports on any incidents in the last 24 hours that present a potential or actual risk to public health and any key messages about MIQ.

11 JUN 2021 – No incidents to report.

As part of managing the changing risk profile of MIQ following the implementation of quarantine-free travel with Australia, an additional 500 rooms per fortnight (on top of MIQ’s usual operating contingency) are being held back. This means a reduction in operational capacity to 4,000 rooms per fortnight.

* The MIAS Rooms Allocated (Orange line) reflects vouchers currently issued to people, including those travelling from very high risk countries who have not cancelled their vouchers. All vouchers for travellers coming from Australia have now been cancelled.

Some vouchers are also not being released while there is a pause on further returnees at the Grand Millennium and Grand Mercure facilities in Auckland. Vouchers set aside for Emergency Allocation and currently allocated vouchers are not impacted by this decision.

Ministry of Health COVID-19 testing data

As at 23:59 10 June 2021

Total number of tests conducted nationwide in the past 24 hours 4,924
Day 3 and Day 12 swabs together recorded in MI & Q facilities in the past 24 hours 401
Total confirmed cases identified at MI & Q facilities 991
Current active cases identified at MI & Q facilities 29

This report reflects a snapshot at a point time from various operational data sources.

Last updated: 11 June 2021 Last reviewed: 16 October 2020