Open government and official information

We are committed to open government and improving practices around the proactive release and publishing of official information.

We recognise that the Official Information Act (OIA) plays a significant part in New Zealand’s constitutional framework and enables New Zealanders to have access to information that supports their participation in government.

The proactive release of official information is another element that helps build trust and confidence in government.

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In this section

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Government sources providing guidance and support to the public as part of the response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) to help you stay informed and help to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.

Transparency Statement

Information gathering for regulatory compliance, law enforcement and protective security purposes

Published Official Information Act requests

Responses to selected OIA requests received by us.

Weekly reports to ministers

Weekly status or update reports provided to Ministers published proactively.

Make a request for official information

Make an online request to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment under the Official Information Act (OIA).

Official Information Act statistics

Statistics for Official Information Act requests made to us.

Release of information

We release a wide range of information to help and inform you.

State Services Commission Inquiry into the use of external security consultants

In March 2018 the State Services Commissioner appointed Doug Martin to conduct an inquiry into the use of external security consultants by Southern Response Earthquake Services Limited and MBIE.