Who we are

Our contribution to improving the well-being of New Zealanders is summarised in our purpose, to grow New Zealand for all.

Our purpose

'Grow' relates to economic performance. To achieve the standard of living and quality of life for today and for future generations we need a well-performing economy through productive and sustainable use of resources across New Zealand.

‘For all’ means all people have an opportunity to participate in and benefit from the economy

For us, success looks like:

  • prosperous and adaptable people, sectors and regions
  • people are skilled and engaged in safe and fulfilling work
  • informed consumers and businesses interacting with confidence
  • value is sustainably derived from the natural environment
  • a dynamic business environment fostering innovation and international connections.

These aspirations are echoed in our Māori identity – Hīkina Whakatutuki – which broadly means ‘lifting to make successful'.

What we do

Collaborating across government

We offer free and frank advice to government, recognising the spirit of service to the community that we share as public servants.

As a large organisation, we have a wide reach and are connected across sectors, regions and industries. We look for opportunities to work with partners inside and outside government, and we build on the best thing about New Zealand – communities working together for the good of everyone.

Providing regulations and advice

Being fair is something else New Zealand can be proud of. We are responsible for many of the regulations that keep people safe and free from exploitation and enable businesses to thrive where they can do honest business.

In a more competitive and productive economy, all businesses have more confidence to invest and grow, and we help by providing improved access to good advice and simpler systems.

Encouraging innovation

Our Ministry is a place that encourages good ideas and creative thinking about New Zealand now and in the future. We give support to science, recognising that our innovators will prepare us for the challenges we face.

We anticipate long-term changes to the labour market with changing technology. We will find ways for people and firms to adapt to the changes.

Developing our talent

We value the diversity of our people and will develop their talent. By reflecting the communities we serve, we can work more effectively for a diverse New Zealand.

Our priorities are important for creating a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy for New Zealanders.

We will work closely with our partners – including central and local government, businesses, workers, and Māori – to advance these priorities.

Our priorities

Future of work

Anticipating and responding to the changing nature of work

The nature of work and the ways people work are changing. In the future there will be more job transitions for workers and a need for new skills. To prepare for this we are focusing on:

  • regulatory changes needed to support and respond to the changing nature of work
  • improving the responsiveness of New Zealand’s skills systems
  • balancing immigration with domestic supply to meet current and future skill needs.

Government procurement

Enhancing government procurement to achieve broader outcomes for New Zealanders

The way government procurement is done can have a direct impact on the economic and social well-being of New Zealanders.

We will promote the use of government procurement to generate broader economic, environmental, social, and cultural outcomes. Our aim is to ensure:

  • agencies consider and include these broader outcomes in their procurement practices
  • do so in a proportionate manner
  • balance these interests against traditional value-for-money considerations.


Increasing capital supply and encouraging more productive investment to support a thriving economy

New Zealand needs investment to deliver a dynamic, diversified, high-tech and low-carbon economy. Where investment happens is where the economy will grow and transform. We are working with ministers to:

  • attract high-quality investment into New Zealand
  • reduce barriers to investment
  • increase the supply of investment capital for our best and brightest start-ups to grow and stay in New Zealand.

Just transitions

Supporting a just transition to a low emissions economy

A ‘just transition’ is about shaping the pathways to transition to a clean, green and carbon-neutral New Zealand.

We are responsible for coordinating the cross-government work programme on just transitions, working closely with the Ministry for the Environment on the transition pathway to meet our climate change objectives(external link).

We are partnering with Māori, unions, impacted communities and industry so we can be more informed and deliberate about how we manage impacts and leverage opportunities related to the transition. A major initial focus is supporting Taranaki to transition to its vision of a clean energy and low emissions future.

Partnership with Māori

Improving outcomes for Māori whānau and business through partnership with Māori

The Crown, including MBIE, has a unique relationship with Māori through the Treaty of Waitangi. Partnering with Māori and maintaining strong relationships is essential to improving the outcomes for both Māori and New Zealanders.

To achieve this we will trial new approaches to create an environment that supports new ideas and innovative ways of working together. We have a leadership role in the whole-of-government delivery of He Kai Kei Aku Ringa, the Crown Māori economic development strategy.

Iwi, hapū, whānau and the Māori enterprise have a significant role to play in contributing to the long-term sustainable growth and future of New Zealand’s diverse regions. As a priority for us, partnership and building enduring relationships with Māori will help to create economic growth opportunities with Māori and grow Aotearoa New Zealand for all, domestically and abroad.

Regional growth

Supporting thriving and sustainable regions

Thriving regions are an important part of raising New Zealand’s economic performance and lifting the well-being of our people. We are focusing on:

Regulatory stewardship

Reaching best practice regulatory systems that are resilient and agile

A good regulatory environment is fundamental to growing New Zealand for all – it enables businesses to thrive and keeps people safe. We manage 16 regulatory systems and have set a goal to reach best practice in all of these by 2022. We are developing a work programme to achieve this goal.

We will continue to invest in our regulatory practice, including through the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative(external link) and the Better for Business programme. 

Supporting competitive sectors

Identifying opportunities and removing barriers for effective competition in major sectors to improve productivity and consumer outcomes

Competition is an important aspect of a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy. While New Zealand’s competition laws and institutions are generally well-regarded internationally, in a number of key industries there are low levels of competitive pressure. To improve outcomes from competition we intend to:

  • build our understanding of what is encouraging or inhibiting competition in key sectors, and
  • minimise barriers to competition in those sectors by proactively providing advice on proposed policies and regulation. 
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Our senior leadership team

Our senior leadership team works collaboratively to set and guide our strategic direction.

Our structure

We help to Grow New Zealand for All to improve the well-being of New Zealanders. This page provides information about our business groups.

Corporate publications

This page provides links to our corporate publications - our Statement of Intent and Annual Report - and Occasional Papers.

Our ministers

We work with ministers across a range of portfolios and votes.

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We engage independent external boards to help shape and guide our work.

Crown entities and statutory boards

We monitor Crown Research Institutes, Crown entity companies, statutory entities and Schedule 4A non-listed companies.

Board appointments

We manage the board appointment process for a number of Crown entities, statutory bodies and advisory boards on behalf of the responsible ministers.

Last updated: 12 December 2018